Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Frog VLE

The Frog VLE

What is it?
The Frog Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a web-based learning system that replicates real-world learning by integrating virtual equivalents of conventional concepts of education. Through the Frog VLE, your teachers can assign lessons, tests, and marks virtually, while students like you can submit homework and view your marks through the VLE!

What can I do with the Frog VLE?
  • Explore exciting videos, games, and posts on The Pond
  • Personalise your dashboard
  • Upload and save files on the cloud
  • Complete your assignments anytime and anywhere
  • Share ideas with your classmates and teachers
Use the items on your Quick Launch menu to start!
BookShelfBookshelf:View your e-books here in a flipping book format.

CalendarCalendar:Manage your personal schedule and view the School Calendar with this handy tool that allows you to view, create, join or add events.

My Dashboard My Dashboard:Your personal dashboard that can be customised with drag-and-drop content.

ForumsForums:Connect and share ideas with your classmates and teachers on specific topics in forums.

Resource ManagerResource Manager: 
A one-stop location for managing all your files, sites, and resources.

School DocumentsSchool Documents:Here is where you can get your school’s official documents such as permission forms, co-curricular application forms,  and more.

FrogStoreFrogStore:Your one-stop shop for downloading educational resources like e-books and various media on Frog.